Firefox Hacks

Firefox is generally a great browser, specially with the right set of extensions, but some of the UI simplifications can be a real PITA for advanced users. Misbehavior can usually be corrected by some obscure variable (often with even obscurer possibles values) in the configuration, the “only”; problem is finding it, here are the tweaks I usually do to new installations. (They can be applied most easily by opening the about:config url.

Of course there are no good values for everyone, otherwise Firefox would be using them.

Simpler acceptance of self-signed certificates

(This one is a real nag in Firefox 3 if you have some LAN services using SSL!)

browser.xul.error_pages.expert_bad_cert = true
     Enables inline accept button in the error page

browser.ssl_override_behavior = 2
     Pre-fetch the certificate (two-click acceptance instead of four).

Disable auto image resizing

browser.enable_automatic_image_resizing = false

Always display the tab bar (even with no tabs)

I use this mainly because it keeps the browsing area always with the same size.

browser.tabs.autoHide = false

Enable color profiles

Specially useful when dealing often with photos. Applies embedded color profiles to images if they contain one.

gfx.color_management.enabled = true

Source: Jeffrey Friedl's blog

I'll update this page whenever I find some other obscure option :)

Last edit: June 19th 2009

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