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 +====== Install Java apps offline, from PC ======
 +  * http://​forum.gsmhosting.com/​vbb/​f352/​f480-java-install-without-wap-tutorial-software-609664/​
 +  * http://​www.forummobiles.com/​index.php?​showtopic=160797&​st=896
 +   1. Download Driver & File Explorer.
 +   2. Uncompress SAMSUNG_Composite_USB_Driver_4_34_WHQL.zip and execute Setup.exe.
 +   3. Connect F480 to PC. First time you should be prompted with a '​device installed and ready' message.
 +   4. Execute TkFileExplorer_2.2.exe
 +   5. Go to Settings - COM.
 +   6. Scroll down Port window: You should get just one COMxx option. Choose it and press OK.
 +   7. Go to File - Connect. You should get the F480 File System Tree at TkFileExplorer bottom half side.
 +   8. Go to /​Exe/​Java/​Games
 +   9. Create a New Folder for your game
 +  10. At TkFileExplorer PC upper side select game JAD/JAR files and copy to F480 created folder using drag&​drop or right button menu Download option.
 +  11. Repeat steps 9 & 10 for all games you want to install at a time.
 +  12. Disconnect USB cable
 +  13. Dial *#6984125*#
 +  14. Go to Internals (Master Key: *#​9072641*#​)
 +  15. Go to Storage Settings and select Update Java DB
 +Enjoy! ...and save money!
 +NOTE 1:
 +You do not need to change Samsung USB mode to Qualcomm. Leave it at its default Samsung mode (if you do not understand this just do nothing )
 +NOTE 2:
 +Once driver is installed, Samsung PC Studio 3 still works.
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