_My_ (outdated) Kernel configuration

NOTE: I don't keep track of new options in this page anymore

This is not a how-to-build guide. This is a list of kernel configuration options I use.

2.6.32-3-amd64+toi config

I usually build from a previous or distro configuration, this list includes mostly the stuff I disable instead of the one I enable (since distro kernels have lots of options enabled to be useful to many). I'm generally conservative when disabling stuff and only drivers I'm 99% sure I won't use anytime soon get disabled.

  • Networking → HAM Radio, ATM, DECnet, IPX, AppleTalk, Econet, WAN Router, PhoNet, DCB (Data Center Bridging), Packet Generator, CAN, IrDA, RxRPC, WiMAX, Plan 9 resource sharing
  • Device drivers → MTD, Parallel port support, (most of) Misc (except EEPROM), ATAPI Floppy, PCMCIA IDE, CarBus IDE, ATAPI Tape, CMD640 Bugfix, PNP EIDE, (Most) IDE Chipset Drivers, SCSI RAID transport, (Most of) SCSI, (Most of) SATA/libata (only AHCI, VIA SATA 1) and generic stuff required), I2O, Macintosh drivers, Multipath
    • DM→I/O Delaying
    • Network devices→…
      • ARCnet
      • 10Gb Ethernet and some drivers for 10/100/1000. Drivers I might need: mii, vortex, atl1, e1000e, r8169, tigon3,
      • Token Ring
      • Wireless LAN drivers. I might need: zd1211rw, ipw2200, iwlwifi/iwlagn, b43, b43legacy
      • USB network adapters
      • PCMCIA network
      • WAN interfaces
      • Xen driver, FDDI, HIPPI, SLIP, Fibre channel
      • PPP→Multilink, Filtering
    • ISDN, Telephony
    • Character devices → serial drivers, non-standard serial ports, Xen stuff, IPMI
    • Multifunction device drivers
    • Multimedia → unlikely DVB stuff, DAB adapters
    • Most sound drivers. Might need: bt87x, C-Media*, SB*/Emu10k*, CS*, Ensoniq*, ESS*, HDA: intel, analog, hwdep
    • Most of MMC/SD/SDIO except sdhci, mmc_core and ricoh
    • Accessibility, InfiniBand
    • RTC: All drivers except CMOS
    • Staging drivers (varies with each version)
  • Filesystems: xfs, reiserfs, jfs
    • Misc: keep eCrypt, HFS/HFS+, BeOS, cramfs, squashfs, HPFS, romfs, ufs
    • Net: remove: ncp, coda, andrew fs
  • Partition types: keep Mac, PC, Windows LDM, Sun, EFI
1) At Myth frontend, older hardware
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