Notes about the Teclast X98 Plus

These are some notes about this dual OS tablet.


DO NOT do a Windows refresh. It stalls and Windows becomes unbootable.

Windows 10 Recovery

The tablet can boot from a bootable UEFI external USB drive for Windows installation.

  • UEFI bootable drives MUST be FAT (FAT32)
  • Although Rufus can be used, no special tool is necessary (and it actually forced my drive to NTFS format for Windows installation, so I ended up creating a FAT32 partition manually and copying the files)
  • USB HDDs can be used.
  • The USB drive must be powered, either use an HDD with wall plug or a powered USB hub.

In theory, a clean version of Windows should be installable, drivers can be found at techtablets.

Official images from Teclast can be obtained at their repository (images updated on 2016-03-11 as of this writing) but download speed is terrible at least in the West. Mirror at MEGA provided by Bram Pribadi at this thread.

The official image is just a RAR archive of the installation media contents. Copy it to a clean UEFI-bootable FAT32 drive and it should work.

Fire installation by entering the BIOS (from power off, Volume UP + Power), go to Save & Exit and select to Boot override with the flash drive (listed as Android…-Your drive name)


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